Marketing films on a tight budget is daunting but ideal and rewarding in the long run.

Marketing films on a tight budget is daunting but ideal and rewarding in the long run. Photo credit:

Recently, Facebook upgraded its Facebook Pages such that pages can interact with other Facebook users and pages as itself. One of the most beneficial effects of the newest update is now Facebook pages can “Like” other pages or user comments. This feature can be very helpful for those who really want to increase their fan base.

Here are my six simple steps for driving up Facebook fans numbers. It takes me about 20 minutes to create a barebones Facebook Page. But, it takes only a few minutes read and  to selectively ”Like” about 100 comments. I only like the comments that are appropriate according to my page’s content. And, obviously, the person or page that I “Like” now knows my page even exists. They now have the option to decide for themselves if they would like to “Like” my page and to start receiving my page’s regular updates in their feeds. I’m reaching more of my target audiences and driving up my “Likes” from the target audience and creating a win-win situation. The tips below are my suggestions you may consider for doing the same.

1. Go to this link and create a “Community” Facebook page for your film by clicking here.

2. Upload an image.
3. Fill out the “Info” section.
4. Post a few comments, links to your website or trailer, and videos from your website, Youtube, or other video sources.
5. Start going to other related Facebook pages and selectively “Like” those pages based on whether they support your mission.
6. Go to the comments in the page and selectively “Like” as many comments as you believe support your mission. This is a fun and effective networking activity you can do while on the phone or while watching tv. At least, this is how I usually enjoy Facebook.

When you see your numbers increase, don’t forget to come back here to leave a comment. Good luck!

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