Top 8 tips for blowing away a national competition judge during your audition

Many people aspire to become recognized from their singing ability. Winning a contest can be the difference between remaining unknown or catapulted into fame. But, what does it take to have a successful audition? Here are eight tips for having a successful audition and hopefully getting you discovered.

1. Know how to sing. Learn to properly use your diaphragm and to breath. Learn the physiology of the throat and boy so you can understand how to sing your best. Take voice lessons.

2. Sing in tune. Not everyone has the naturally ability to sing in tune. If you’re one of the less fortunate ones, you can always get a tuner. However, your best bet is to permit someone with good tune to critique your on your sound prior to your audition.

3. Choose a suitable song.  Songs should be suitable for the type of audition, as well as suitable for your voice.

4. Be prepared. Practice, practice, practice! Consult with a vocal coach. Know  your lyrics, don’t read them. Know a portfolio of slow and up-tempo songs in case you’re asked to perform something else on the fly.

5. Be a good performer. For example, use your full vocal range to make the song interesting and entertaining. Make adequate use of riffs and runs. Learn some hip dance moves. Tough some auditions do not permit accompaniment, if you play an instrument,  then make you make good use of it and show off your skills when you have the chance.

6. Make the song your own. When you sing a song, it shouldn’t sound like the exact version of the original. Would you pay for a knock off at the same price you’d pay for the original? No? Well join the club. No one will be willing to pay the same price for an unknown musician just because they sound like the original when they could just pay for the original and get the real authentic sound they know. Let the song show your talent and who you are rather than be a mimicry of someone else’s talent.

7. Look marketable and commercial. If you want someone to invest in your talent, you have to give them an idea of how they are going to make their money back. Is your look marketable? Is it eye-catching in a good marketable way? It’s best to consult with a stylist in order to get a professional opinion.

8. Give good eye contact. There’s nothing more distracting than someone singing but looking at the ceiling, at the floor, or perhaps even at the inside of their own eyelids. When someone is evaluating you, you want to engage them. The best way to do that is through direct eye contact.