”Location, Location, Location!” It’s just as important a consideration in film as in real estate

Now you’ve got your script. But, what locations are you going to use to produce your movie?

Location scouting “is a very time-intensive part of preparing for a film shoot. It’s important to have time to scout the locations and make sure they are available months or possibly years before they are needed. In Maryland, one good starting place for determining what locations may be suitable for your film are on file at the Maryland Film Office. Locations, don’t have to be costly, they just have to be interesting.

Some locations can be easily switched out. However, some locations are uniquely associated with the film. For example, if a specific landmark is associated with the film, if you can’t convincingly recreate the landmark off-set, then you must attempt to secure that location–or go back to the writers for a re-write.

All of the locations and the budget for each locations should be prepared prior to shooting at that particular location. This is an essential part of staying on budget for your film.